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 but the entire nation's tragedy. At that time, only two to finish college, college sixty people died, most of the rest of the people are still secondary  September 1930, the CPC Central Committee issued a "busy preparing the work of the National Assembly on behalf of the Soviets' notice, requiring organizations at all levels to further improve on the Soviet National People's Congress held understanding of the significance for the establishment of the Soviet central government and struggle. Since then, the "Red Flag Daily" published a succession of the CPC Central Committee proposed the "Chinese Soviet Republic fundamental law (constitution) Draft Outline" and othernike roshe run australia  documents. October 18, "Sue the Fed" meeting in Shanghai to make important decisions: the first National Congress of the Soviets once again postponed from December 11, 1930 extended to February 7, 1931 (Massacre Day) .CPC Central Committee was held in preparation for "a Soviet Conference" on the occasion, Chiang Kai-shek launched not only the Central Soviet Area "encirclement", but also proposed to convene the National Assembly in May 1931. Such an objective situation, so that the CCP has created a sense of urgency to convene "a Soviet Congress" and "national conference" to confront, as a more realistic task on the agenda. Early 1931, the CPC Central Committee issued a declaration calling on the general public "in order to fully support the movement and opposed the Soviet national conference counterrevolution" and boycott the National Assembly, to elect a representative to attend the

 whole of China First Congress of Soviets.On this, the Comintern Executive Committee conveyed by Far East Bureau of the CPC Central Committee based in Shanghai: South Sioux zone must be ordered Gan Soviet Central Bureau established as soon as possible, to hold the Congress of Soviets. January 15, 1931, the Central Soviet Area in accordance with the instructions temporary central Shanghai, set up to Zhou Enlai as secretary, Xiang Ying as acting secretary of Soviet Central Bureau. March 21, Provisional Central Standing Committee adopted the "central region on the Soviet Red May movement working resolution," the whole Party put forward specific tasks: Sovietsupra skytop womens   Congress' General Assembly on behalf of the Soviet of the Soviet and the country can make opened in May into the red, while the interim government established the Central Soviet Area. "To this end, on April 17, the Provisional Central School Ren Bishi, Wang Jiaxiang, Guzuo Lin composition of the central delegation to the Central Soviet Area, to convey the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session, and Specific guidance, "a Soviet General Assembly," the preparatory work.However, from late April to late May, the Central Soviet Area in a tense second against "encirclement and suppression" of the state of war, held a program, "a Soviet Conference" in red in May apparently impossible. The second anti-"encirclement" After the victory of the end of Soviet Central Bureau on June 1 issued a declaration, held to determine the date, "a Soviet Congress"

 the Central Soviet Area must be open to representatives of the National Congress of the Soviet Aug. 1, the establishment of the Chinese Soviet Provisional Central Government of the Republic. But just a few days, due to the Chiang Kai-shek launched the third "encirclement" Central Soviet soldiers and civilians under Mao Zedong, Zhu De leaders devote third against "encirclement and suppression" of war, this program once again come to nothing. June 20, Mao Zedong, who issued orders: National Soviet Congress held in October Revolution changed Day (November 7).After June, the Executive Committee of the Comintern, the Communist International to the Oriental Department of the CPC Central Committee issued a continuous indication that the organization of the Soviet centralsupra owen australia   government, "is the first and so there is important" task. Comintern that "the majority of the development of Soviet region in southern China that the Communist Party of China to assume a systematic district village (town) and the establishment of Soviet power into the city, has been to establish the total area of ​​these Soviet authorities - the central executive committee of the task . "and the problem of guarding Soviet form of organization, election, government structure, Soviet relations with various social groups, party tasks in the Soviets and the Soviet zone, gave detailed instructions. In August, the Bureau of the Comintern Executive Committee once again to give directions to the CPC, stressed the need in the shortest possible

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school.- smash the old state machine, create a new people's power. But the young Communist Party of China in a long time, but are also unable to establish a national central government. Early 1930s, with the depth and carry out the agrarian revolution Soviet movement, the Comintern policy considerations on the revolutionary struggle, proposed the establishment of a national Chinese Soviet central government in China nike free 5.0 v4 mens  advocates.October 26, 1929, the CPC Central Committee sent a letter to the Executive Committee of the Comintern, that "the establishment of Soviet workers and peasants in the form of dictatorship," the task. The actual work of the CPC Central Committee was chaired Zhou Enlai, Li Lisan, etc., immediately in accordance with the instructions of the Comintern, the Soviet central government started the preparatory work. January 20, 1930, the Politburo decided to convene a "National Regional Congress of Soviets" in Shanghai, the National Assembly duly convened to discuss the Soviet representatives. "National Regional Congress of the Soviets" was held on May 20, and made the poor peasants and soldiers, the Soviets held a national congress for the first time (referred to as "a Soviet Conference") on November 7 this year, the establishment of the Chinese Soviet Republic Central Government resolution. To achieve this plan, the General Assembly decided by

the CPC Central Committee, the National Federation of Trade Unions, and other less common central unit composed of representatives of nine "Central Committee of the Congress of Soviets prepare ('the Soviet Union the Fed')" Temporary Standing Committee, in charge of the first preparations for the Soviet Congress of times.In mid-July, "Sue the Fed" Temporary Standing Committee held its first meeting in Shanghai, by the "Central Committee of the Soviet Congress of preparing temporary Standing Committee Work Plan," "Temporary Standing Committee Memorandum", etc., decided in August The first was held on the 20th Central Committee of the nike free 6.0 mens National Soviet Congress prepared and issued invitations to the country 45 caucus organization, the revolutionary base areas, the revolutionary organizations and the Red Army corps level units, and wish to participate. However, due to the traffic barrier and the Kuomintang white terror throughout delegates to the meeting can not be scheduled, resulting in "Sue the Fed" forced to postpone.Until September 12, the Soviet area and major cities by the elected representatives of more than 30 only to overcome difficulties, convergence Shanghai, ready Committee held its first plenary meeting of the National Soviet Congress formally established the "Sue the Fed." Meeting discussed and adopted the "Su Fed" temporary Standing Committee work report, by the first Congress of Soviets, "Representative Election Ordinance," "draft constitution outlines the

Chinese Soviet Republic" and "prepare the memorandum committees at all levels," etc.; meeting announced the scheduled November 7th meeting of the National Congress of the Soviets first, postponed to December 11 Guangzhou Uprising Day was held.As previously envisaged Li Lisan, the Chinese Soviet first congress to be held in a central city controlled by the CCP, and set up a central government there. But the Comintern and opinions Li Lisan slightly differences. July 1930, the Comintern in the "Resolution on China issues", the requirements of the Chinese communists in the Soviet central government to establish a more solid Soviet area. In August, th  nike lunarglide 4 mense Comintern Oriental Department made "on the Chinese Soviet Resolution", proposed to be established revolutionary regime known as the "Chinese Soviet Republic." Li Lisan going to the Red Army after the capture of Changsha, announced the establishment of "Chinese Soviet Republic of the central government." But because the Red Army two dozen Changsha failing to make this program abortion. CPC Central Committee to reconsider the Comintern and the Soviet republics to establish the location and schedule problems.Third Plenary Session of the CPC over, "Li Li" rule in the Central, but the preparatory work to establish the Soviet central government did not stop. In late

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This is despite more than a hundred students studying abroad were forced to interrupt their studies, but abnormal valuable learning opportunity for several years to make them an eye-opener to recognize the social reality of constant development, the Qing government saw a huge gap between the developed countries and the world. This feat opened the first page of Chinese Overseas Education, training a large number of people, to promote the development of modern China had a positive impact. Many of these students have lofty ideals, railways, coal, nike free 5.0+ australia  telecommunications, foreign affairs, customs, news, and other professional talents emerged bright star. On the stage of history in the late Qing Dynasty, from the emergence of the "educational mission" figure Represented in 1872, only 12 years old Represented passed the Qing government organized "children go abroad prep classes." Guangxu years, returning in 120 Chinese students, Zhan Tianyou was one of two people to get a degree. He is the first Chinese railway engineer, presided over the construction of the "Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway" and other projects, "the father of modern Chinese engineering" as the "father of Chinese railway."Tang Yuan Zhan is one of the second batch of students studying in the U.S.. Great Northern Telegraph Office, he served as Secretary returned Shanghai, Shanghai Qing Dynasty's last telegraph General Office, Republic

 China's first telegraph bureau chief, is one of the founders of Chinese telegraph industry. Westerners then commented: "the knowledge they acquired the Chinese launched a modern communications, and therefore can be said to get rid of the telegraph system of foreign political interference."Wu Yang was the first "educational mission," Wu Yang had entered Columbia University Department of ore treatment studies. Returning to work, he served as technical mining and metallurgy sector, Kaiping Mining Bureau deputy director. Kaiping Mining is run by the Westernization of the mining industry's most successful large mines.Mr. Tong, Qing Dynasty famous political activist, diplomat, contributed to the Revolution, the north and south peace. Prime Minister of the General Office of the Qing government, "Republic of China" s first Prime Minister, the KMT government officials. Northern former university president, the first president of Shandong University, Fudan University founder.Although there has been such a bright shining star asnike free 4.0 v3 australia Represented characters, but there are many such streams into the returnees in silence, the wind scattered clouds disappear into oblivion, and then hard to find these people in the history of the trail.Although some elements of the Empress Dowager Cixi pursued Westernization Movement to support, but those are built on the basis of imperial rule does not affect her on. Despotic feudal emperors aloof superior overweening ideology dominant in her mind, once she considered an item of her power would adversely, she must stop or simply abolished, simply do not consider the contents of the nation on national Is there benefit. She flatly

 termination of the first Chinese students plan to belong to such factors.Staring at the history of the rise of the smoke has dispersed, still can not help but boring to sigh.At 09:35 on September 2, 2009 "Centennial tide" [Xinhuanet] [Print] Total Comments 0Mention the "founding ceremony", people naturally think of memorable scenes October 1, 1949 when the People's Republic of China was established in Beijing. But few people know that this is not the Chinese Communist Party founding ceremony was held for the first time. Because in 18 years before the founding of New China, the November 7, 1931, the Chinese Communists had secluded cove in southern nike free 3.0 v5 australiaJiangxi Ruijin town also held a lively scene of the Chinese Soviet Republic "founding ceremony." That was presided over "the founding ceremony of" Mao Zedong, Zhu De and others, it is also the protagonist of the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China after 18 years. People have to wonder: History often have striking similarities, the birth of the Chinese Soviet Republic, have become a great rehearsal 18 years after the establishment of the People's Republic of China!A brewing and preparation for the new republicAs a proletarian political party, the Communist Party of China at the beginning of her establishment, do not hide their stated political objectives

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